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Cells do not autofit as expected on merged cells

Hi guys,

When I add a lot of text to some merged cells and then try to autofit the cells, the text is not totally visible.
This is the code I’m using:

final Workbook workbook = new Workbook(BASE_PATH + “TEST.xlsx”);
final Worksheet worksheet = workbook.getWorksheets().get(0);
worksheet.getCells().get(0, 0).putValue(
“Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt” +
" ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Augue interdum velit euismod in pellentesque. Interdum" +
" posuere lorem ipsum dolor. Viverra accumsan in nisl nisi scelerisque eu. Sit amet nulla" +
" facilisi morbi. Pretium aenean pharetra mag na ac placerat vestibulum. At quis risus sed" +
" vulputate odio. Vulputate sapien nec sagittis aliquam malesuada bibendum arcu. Tristique" +
" magna sit amet purus gravida quis blandit. Ullamcorper eget nulla facilisi etiam dignissim." +
" Id venenatis a condimentum vitae sapien pellentesque. Convallis aenean et tortor at risus." +
" Varius vel pharetra vel turpis. Diam sollicitudin tempor id eu nisl nunc. Arcu non odio euismod" +
" lacinia a t. Arcu bibendum at varius vel. Dignissim diam quis enim lobortis scelerisque. " +
“Diam ut venenatis tellus in metus. Vitae sapien pellentesque habitant morbi. Volutpat sed” +
" cras ornare arcu dui. Ut ornare lectus sit amet. Egestas egestas fringilla phasellus " +
“faucibus scelerisque. Aliquam sem et tortor consequat id porta nibh venenatis cras. " +
“Aliquam nulla facilisi cras fermentum odio. Morbi tincidunt ornare massa eget egestas purus” +
" viverra accumsan. Lect us quam id leo in vitae. Eu mi bibendum neque egestas congue quisque.” +
" Parturient montes nascetur ridiculus mus. Lacus laoreet non curabitur gravida arcu ac tortor." +
" Orci nulla pellentesque dignissim enim sit amet venenatis urna. Aliquam eleifend mi in nulla." +
" Sagittis vitae et leo duis ut diam quam. Nisl condimentum id venenatis a condimentum vitae sapien." +
" Cras ornare arcu dui vivamus arcu felis bibe ndum ut. Augue neque gravida in fermentum et" +
" sollicitudin ac. Sagittis nisl rhoncus mattis rhoncus. Viva mus arcu felis bibendum ut." +
" Dolor morbi non arcu risus quis varius quam quisque. Habitasse platea dictu mst quisque" +
" sagittis purus sit amet. Neque ornare aenean euismod elementum nisi quis eleifend. Dui" +
" sapien eget mi proin. Pretium lectus quam id leo in vitae turpis massa. Tristique" +
" senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas. Hendrerit dolor magna eget est " +
“lorem ipsum dolor sit amet. Quam pellentesque nec nam aliquam sem et tortor. Pellentesque” +
" elit eget gravida cum sociis.");
final AutoFitterOptions options = new AutoFitterOptions();
// Set auto-fit for merged cells
workbook.save(BASE_PATH + “result.xlsx”);

What happens is that only the first row is autofitted to the text (increasing in height) and the other rows do not change.
I’m using Aspose cells Java 19.2 but I also tested this code using 20.7.

Is there a way to get the expected result?

Attached the TEST.xlsx and result.xlsx files.
Files.zip (16.8 KB)

Best regards,
Hugo Freixo


Please try our latest version/fix: Aspose.Cells for Java v20.8.3 (attached)
aspose-cells-20.8.3-java.zip (7.2 MB)

I have tested using Aspose.Cells for Java v20.8.3 and it works fine. See the output file which is generated using your sample code and template file.
files1.zip (9.0 KB)

Hi @Amjad_Sahi,

I tested using the Aspose cells 20.8.3 dependency and the result was similar to the file you sent.
There’re two things that still concern me:

  1. The function setAutoFitMergedCells(boolean) on the AutoFitterOptions class is marked as deprecated. What function should be used in this scenario?
  2. The resulting file has a lot of empty space on the first cells, which means the cells do not autofit to the text.

Best regards,
Hugo Freixo


  1. Yes, the function setAutoFitMergedCells(boolean) on the AutoFitterOptions class is marked as deprecated and will be removed (from the APIs list) after sometime. Please see/use the following sample code using the newer APIs instead:
    Sample code:

    // Set auto-fit for merged cells

  2. Yes, I noticed the leading empty space but atleast Aspose.Cells could auto-fit the whole long text in merged area. I tried in MS Excel manually and Ms Excel could not do it (you may confirm this).

Hi @Amjad_Sahi,

Another thing I notice is that in your most recent versions the class HTMLLoadOptions was removed.
What should I use now? How do I write this code with the new classes and methods?

final HTMLLoadOptions opts = new HTMLLoadOptions();

Best regards,
Hugo Freixo

There is difference of small and capital letters so you can write it as:

final com.aspose.cells.HtmlLoadOptions opts = new com.aspose.cells.HtmlLoadOptions();