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cells.importArrayList has different behavior on the first row

After upgrading Aspose Cells for Java from version 17.5 to 19.12, we noticed that sheets where we add the header row last were suddenly cleared. Sheets where we add the header row first and the data afterwards were fine. We also found this to be the case for the other cells.importArray functions.

After some debugging we found that when importing on row 0, all data below that row (also added with importArrayList) gets cleared:
dataCells.importArrayList(headerlistData, 0, 0, false);

When importing to any other row, data below that row will stay there:
dataCells.importArrayList(headerlistData, 5, 0, false);

We currently resolved this by importing the header row cell by cell as the final step of creating the sheet but we would prefer if we could use importArrayList again on the first row as the final step.

Is this an intentional change or could it be a bug?


Thanks for the details.

Could you provide a stand-alone console Java program that should be executed without any compile time errors, we will check with both versions. Also provide your template files (if any).