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Cells .NET change/bug

I was going trough some of the projects where I use Aspose cells today and upgraded the .dll files, but suddenly there was a problem reading a workbook, it “worked” on but not on returning this exception.

Inner Exception: Aspose.Cells.CellsException

Message: This Excel files contains BIFF7(Excel95 or earlier file format) records.

Code: UnsupportedFeature

TargetSite: Void (Aspose.Cells.Ss.)

Source: Aspose.Cells

StackTrace: at Aspose.Cells.RW..( )

at Aspose.Cells.RW..໿(Stream Ԏ)

at Aspose.Cells.Workbook.Open(Stream stream)

at ssc.ExcelReader.BreReader.Process() in C:\Arbeid\Visual Studio Projects\ProductionReader\prodbre\BreReader.cs#137

The document is a very heavy/messy document that wasn’t able to calculate the formulas on (not that I needed them I was reading it to collect data).

I went back to using Just wanted to report the change/bug.

Could you please zip and post your Excel file here? It can only be downloaded by Aspose developers. Or you can zip and send it to I will check it ASAP.

Generally I think this file is "Microsoft Excel 97-2003 & 5.0/95 Workbook". You can verify it by using MS Excel to open this file and choose "Save As".

To solve this problem, you can save it as "Microsoft Excel Workbook" in MS Excel.

The document is developed over a long time (since 95 or so) but it’s updated to 97/2003. Some of the formulas might be old.

Yes, this file is "Microsoft Excel 97-2003 & 5.0/95 Workbook" format.

In v4.0.1 we just load Excel97 data from it and don't touch Excel95 data. However, this may cause problem. In v4.0.2, Aspose.Cells rejects this kind of files.

I use MS Excel to changed this file to BIFF8 format. Since my posted file can be downloaded by all users, I don't post it here. What's your email address? I will send the changed file to you.

Thank you for looking into this on so short notice.

My email is

I have sent it to you. Please check you email.