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CELLS - select specific rows based on the content of cell?

We are trying to replace OLEDB with aspose API, so far so good; most of the stuff could be converted however I did not find a solution for the following:
It is a littel function that reads an excel file with some 10000 lines, but I am interested only in a few row based on the content of the lspecific cell
something like that:
Select * from wb where [blockid] = ‘ABCD’ where blockid is a column in the file; this was easy to be done with oledb by creating a oledbcommand.
Dim oconn As New OleDbCommand(sqlcmd, cnn)
Dim adp As New OleDbDataAdapter(oconn)
Dim dt As New System.Data.DataTable()
Return dt
Is something similiar possible with aspose.cells?

You may please give try to the sample codes in the following articles and check if it fulfills your requirement or not. If your issue is not resolved, please share your sample Excel files and expected output for our reference. We will test the scenario here and share our feedback accordingly.

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