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Changing from SoftArtisans- OfficeWriter for Word to ASPOSE.Words

I know this is a very broad question, but because SoftArtisans has been difficult to deal with, we are most likely changing to your ASPOSE.Words product.  Your sales person, Merit, suggested I post this question on the form, so that is what I am doing.  The very broad part of this question is in two parts.  Are the features in your product equal or better in functionality to OfficeWriter?  Again, I know that is a broad question, but I'm in management, and I'm wanting a quick comparison of what is not there compared to OfficeWriter.  Since you compete with each other, I figured you would know better in what differences there are between the two products.  <br><br>Part two of the question is relating to the actual code differences with regard to making the change from OfficeWriter to ASPOSE.Words.  What kinds of changes will programming have to make to incorporate your product as opposed to OfficeWriter?  Again, I know this is a very open question too but I want to get a sense of the overall differences for us to go from another product to your product.  I also understand that we have a learning curve to go through too.<br><br>Any general feedback would help us in seeing what we may need to focus on to start with.  I apologize for the generality of the questions but I don't have a better way to find out quickly and you are the experts in this area.<br><br>Thank you for your time.<br><br><br>

From your question it looks you are using OfficeWriter to programmatically work with documents. Our opinion is that Aspose.Words offers more features in this area and you should be able to migrate all functionality.

Regarding what changes need to be made, concepts are similar, but the actual API is different. In Aspose.Words you have objects that represent various elements of a document in a tree-like manner and they have formatting properties. Aspose.Words object model borrows from Microsoft Word Automation and from System.Xml and that should be familiar to many developers.