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When I open an email sent from Aspose.Email in Outlook I see that question marks (?) are converted to =3f and ampersands are converted to =3d. I’m using these characters in hyperlinks. How can I make them print correctly?



Hi Cliff,

Sorry for the delay in response. I’ve been away on holidays and have recently returned.

Anyways - characters of this nature (?, " etc.) should always be encoded when used with a Html “aware” application. Otherwise it will attempt to convert it into html tags.

See this link for inspiration:

? : %3f
& : %26



I’m having this same issue and unfortunately this response really doesn’t help. In system.web.mail you could put code such as

Click Here to Open

but I can’t add code such as that as-is with It replaces the ?, /, &, etc. with its encodedvalues. It actually shows correctly in an HTML email client such as Yahoo but doesn’t show correctly in Outlook. The .eml message itself contains the hex substitutions. Do I just need to write a function that replaces =3f with ?, etc.?


Dear wardenm,

There may be some delay to address your issue at this moment but we will do our best to do that. Thanks for your patience.


I am also having trouble with this - it seems to be caused by the semi-colon (';') that appears at the end of the header line:
Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable;
- it seems to prevent the message from being decoded correctly in Outlook and Outlook Express.
Saving the message to a file and manually removing the ';' seems to let the message be decoded correctly.


Sorry for any delays.

I had published the latest hotfix 1.1.2 for this bug. Please download the latest hotfix and feel free to contact me: for any your problems.



I download the hotfix and update the dll in the app bin directory, but I have already the problem, if I send the next code:

x &= “<a href%3d”“"”>xxx


I recieve this:

<a href%3d"xxx</p’>">xxx</p>

And, if I send

x &= “<a href=”“"”>xxx


I recieve
<a href=3d"xxx</p’>">xxx</p>

I have the same problem with color codes like “#0c0c0c”, what can i do with this?


Dear all,

Sorry for any delays.

We had published a hotfix 1.1.3 for this problems.
if you have any problems, please feel free to contact with me:




It works well!, thanks a lot!