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Character in a run

Hi, I am using Aspose for java. While parsing document I encountered some character in a run.
Can you please tell me if this is valid character. If it is, what is its purpose and how can I handle it.
I am writing doc -> xml conversion and parser throws exception because of it.

Here is my quick code how to reach this character:

public void test() throws Exception {
    InputStream inputStream = getClass().getClassLoader()

    Document document = new Document(inputStream);

    List commentList = getComments(document);

    Comment comment = commentList.get(1);

    NodeCollection nodeCollection = comment.getChildNodes();

    Paragraph paragraph = (Paragraph) nodeCollection.get(0);

    NodeCollection paragraphChildes = paragraph.getChildNodes();

    Run run = (Run) paragraphChildes.get(1);

    System.out.print(run.getText()); // it is in this run

private List getComments(Document document) {
    final List commentList = new ArrayList();

    try {
        document.accept(new DocumentVisitor() {

            public int visitCommentStart(Comment arg0) throws Exception {

                return super.visitCommentStart(arg0);

    } catch (Exception e) {
        throw new RuntimeException();

    return commentList;

Thanks, Ivica