? characters in Form Fields



I am generating a MS-Word document and dynamically creating input text form field. When I populate this filed with values from database (during document creation), all space characters are replaced by ?? character.

Example: Database value "Test Text"
Value as it appears in form field: “Test??Text”.

Can you please look into this issue?



Please make sure you are using the latest version of Aspose.Word as I’m pretty sure we fixed this before and it works fine for me. If that does not help email your documents to word@aspose.com.


I have downloaded latest version (hotfix) as of today Sept, 18. But it still gives the same problem of showing ?? characters in place of space in the form field. Please look into this.



Please email your document, code and sample of data if possible to me to word@aspose.com.



I have sent you email on this post. Please reply.



This was happening when you use DocumentBuilder to insert a text input field with a default text value that contains spaces. Fixed in Aspose.Word 1.7.9.