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Chart Area height and width

Hi Team,

I have very basic doubt.
I wanted to know on what units does aspose store the height and width of chart area.
My intention is to do some logic, if the chart height or width is narrower than 120pixel.



Please note, the unit for width and height of plot area is 1/4000 of chart area. Please refer to the thread with examples and details for your complete reference.

Thanks for reply. Also I have couple more questions

  1. Is it possible to wrap the axis labels(ticklabels) manually.
    2)Is there any logic for setAutomatic rotation to rotate the tick labels or is it like if we set it true it will rotate for sure.


  1. How could you do this in MS Excel manually? Could you share a sample Excel file containing the chart having desired wrapped text for the tick labels. We will check it soon.
  2. You may try to use chart.getValueAxis()/getCategoryAxis().getTickLabels().setAutomaticRotation() attribute for it. Also, you may refer to the following line of code to set your desired custom rotation angle for tick labels:

thanks for replying.
Expecting your reply on wrap text.

Regarding automaticRotation , do you have the details on what condition will it rotate if I set it as true


Regarding AutomaticRotation attribute, we will check if we can provide you internal details for the API on when/what condition the tick labels would be rotated. We will get back to you soon.


  1. The axis ticklabels depend on the source cells values. You may wrap the label cells, or replace original labels cells with formulas. For example, you want to wrap the label of “ABC123”, just replace the original label with the formula =“ABC”&CHAR(10)&“123”.
  2. Regarding atomatic rotation, it is adjusted according to the length and number of the ticklables and the width of the chart plot area. When you reduce the width of plot area, the tick lables direction will be changed from horizontal to inclined, if continue to reduce, it will become vertical