Chart desigh


Currently I am trying to set design for Bar Charts and Line charts.
Currently bars are touching one another (please look to attached image:
barsTouching.jpg). I need to make those bars have small gap in between.

I also want Line chart lines to appear different then it is set to appear by
default (please loot at attached image: lineStyle.jpg). I would like it to be
more like in this image: desiredLineStyle.jpg (attached image).

Can you please give me some instructions how to accomplish this.

Thank you.

Kind Regards

Alikas Jesatovas


Thanks for your query.

1) Well, I think you may use Series.setGapWidth() and Series.setOverlap() methods to set the gap accordingly.

2) I think you may use Series.setSmooth(boolean value) method to specify curve smoothing. Set True if curve smoothing is turned on for the line chart or scatter chart. It applies only to line and scatter connected by lines charts.

If you still find any issue, please create your desired charts in MS Excel manually and save the file to attach it here, we may check it soon.

Thank you.