Chart Object


Hello i am currently getting use to this very good product.

But the powerpoint files i am going to have to create will also need chart/graph objects included in them.

Is this in the pipeline.

Thank you.


About adding charts and graphs based on those charts.

This is absolutely critical in a large corporate project I am just starting up. So if this is to be included in the PowerPoint object soon, please let me (us) know.


Dear SpinDisc,

For adding new charts and graphs you can use Aspose.Chart component.
Chart can be saved to the file or memory stream by Chart.Save function
and inserted to a presentation as picture.



Yes, I looked at that object too. But that will not satisfy my customer. The want the end result to be a PowerPoint file with a PowerPoint graph powered by figueres in the datagrid.

The reason is that they will use the web to connect to a common datasource that will be the foundation of the grid data. But once the PowerPoint is downloaded they want to be able to adjust those figures and manually make some design changes in the graph.

So I really need to use the built-in graph and grid functions of PowerPoint? Are these functions even planned to appear in your product? And if so, when are thay expected to appear?

Dear SpinDisc,

I hope it will never be implemented in Aspose.PowerPoint directly.
No any planes yet but I think it's possible to make a separate component in the future and use it with Aspose.PowerPoint, Aspose.Word, etc.


What about creating the chart within Aspose.Excel and linking it into Powerpoint?
Can that be done? I have a similar need (to update the graph from the datagrid) for my application.


Just to clarify, I embedded an Excel chart w/datagrid into Powerpoint using the Powerpoint client app, but am not sure how you could programmatically change the values in the datagrid using Aspose.

Presumably, you could embed a dummy Excel char w/ dummy data into the ppt template, then set the values of the datagrid using some combination of Aspose.Chart, Aspose.Excel or Aspose.Powerpoint to render the final powerpoint presentation with real data.

Alternatively, could you create the Excel file containing the real chart, and then embed it as an OLE Object into the powerpoint presentation using Aspose.Powerpoint?

Either way, my requirement is to generate a powerpoint pres containing a chart after which you could adjust the values in the datagrid behind the chart.

Thanks for your input - this is a critical requirement for my application, and I would really like to use this product.


I have a different need. We are recieving powerpoint files with imbedded Excel files. We need to “strip out” that data and put it into a Database. I hope aspose.powerpoint will help.


Dear Kurt,

It’s possible to read embedded objects with another components but not possible to embed it back yet.
We will add such feature later. It’s for Excel objects.
But MS Chart objects can’t be read with Aspose.Chart component.