Chart questions for Aspose.Cells for Java



I am evaluating Aspose.Cells for Java, and I have two questions:

- How can a chart from one worksheet get data from another worksheet? Examples I’ve seen so far just refer to a chart getting data that is on the same worksheet. It would make things a lot easier to create ‘data worksheets’ just for chart creation and hide those worksheets afterwards, especially if data on the ‘main’ worksheet is not as straightforward.

For example, in Excel’s charting utility, you can refer a chart series’ values to ‘=!$A$1:$A$10’ or something like that.

- On a chart’s legend, when I have it positioned on top of the chart, the series are ‘stacked’ like how it is when it is positioned on the side. How can I get the series on a legend lined up ‘side-by-side’ instead? Doing that helps make the legend look flatter and take up less space when positioned on the top.

Thank you for any help!


I figured out the first part, but does anyone know how to further customize the legend’s size?



Please try this fix.

When the legend is positioned on the top/bottom of the chart,it will automatically line up horizontally and you don't need to care the legend's size.

In this fix you can customize the legend size with methods: