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Chart Types

Is there any plans to support a ‘Line - Column Chart’ in the future ???

Yes,we plan to support custom chart type in the future.‘Line - Column Chart’ will be included. Could you tell me your expected date for this feature?

The reports that we would like to reproduce in Aspose.Excel actually use the custom type ‘Column - Line on 2 Axis’. We are looking to start development on the project in around 6-8 weeks time, so it would be good if there charts were available then or shortly after.

Have you any release dates planned???

It’s very hard to total support custom chart type. But in your case, if you only want to support
the custom type ‘Column - Line on 2 Axis’, we can support it before the mid of July. Will that meet your need?

Yes by mid July would be good.

So if we were to go ahead with the product in the next few weeks do you supply updates as they become available???

Yes. We will continously supply updates to our customers. You just need to download it and deploy it in your machine. Please keep an eye on our release annourcement.