Check/Uncheck a Check Box in Aspose.grid control programmatically


I need help for Aspose Grid control. What I want to do is to Check/Uncheck a Check Box control programmatically in a grid after binding grid to a dataset table.

I also want to know how can I remove one or more cells from grid after binding it?

Please go through the attached file.

Please help ASAP




Hi Rajesh,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

To programmatically set the status of your Checkbox in Aspose.Grid you can get the checkbox control from the worksheet and set its status.

Dim checkBox As Aspose.Grid.Desktop.CheckBox = CType(Worksheets(0).Controls(Row, Column), Aspose.Grid.Desktop.CheckBox)

checkBox.Checked = True

For Deleting a Control from a cell you may try Worksheets(0).Controls.Remove(Row, Column) in your code.

Thank You & Best Regards,