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Choice box element question_text does not wrap text or page break

I’m creating a JSON template programmatically, so the question_text value will vary depending on that text is in the database. If the text is too long, the Choice box text will simply write off the visible edge of the page.

Is there an attribute to set to automatically wrap the text? It seems like this should be the default behavior.

Additionally, there’s no way to handle page breaking if you have dynamic text where you won’t know the length. Please advise.

page.children.Add(new Child {
     name = itemId.ToString(),
      element_type = "ChoiceBox",
      answers_string = "(Y) Yes (N) No",
      question_text = itemText,
      align = "Left"


We have logged an investigation ticket as OMRNET-398 in our issue tracking system. We will further check the feasibility to achieve your requirement and let you know as soon as the ticket is resolved. Please spare us some time.


For displaying vertical choice box elements there is a special element - VerticalChoiceBox element. We have prepared a template for your requirements in the attached files.
OMRNET398.zip (16.4 KB)

This template automatically moves text according to container(Page) width. Also, in the template, you will find Content elements responsible for the display of text and VerticalChoiceBox\Answer elements which are responsible for results in the .csv file.

By shortening the Name of VerticalChoiceBox and Answer elements you can reduce weight and simplify parsing of CSV file, without changing template display.

Oh, that is fantastic, thank you! Works great.

I saw that VerticalChoiceBox example, but for some reason it didn’t click with me that I could make the entire page a container and then put a single column content below that and dump every other element inside of that.


Thanks for the feedback. Please keep using our API and feel free to create a new topic in case you need further assistance.