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Our application needs to read an excel file and import the details into our system. I hope with Aspose.Cells I can do it. But the excel sheet contains embedded PDFs, docs, ppts, etc which has to be saved in our application file system in the respective format (PDF,.doc,.ppt,etc). Can I do it with Aspose.cells.? Also can I get the same formats of the cells (like font style, font color, new line,etc), so that our application also can show the similar format?

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Hi Ramesh,

Yes, Aspose.Cells cam perform the task you require, see the document for your reference:

Thank you.

If you are using Java version, see the document for your reference:

Thank you.

Thanks Amjad.

I have few more queries.

Can I get the name of the embedded file?

Also Can I get the cell to which it is associated?



“Can I get the name of the embedded file?”.

I have logged it into our issue tracking system with an id: CELLSJAVA-18778. We will support it soon.

"Also Can I get the cell to which it is associated?"

As OleObject is inherited from Shape class, so you may try some Shape methods to get the row/column indexes e.g
getUpperLeftColumn, getUpperLeftRow.

Thank you.

Thank you very much, Amjad.


Please try the attached version.

We have supported getting the source file name of embedded

String com.aspose.cells.OleObject.getSourceFullName()

void com.aspose.cells.OleObject.setSourceFullName(String sourceFullName)

These methods would only take effect for unknown file formats, such as wav, avi, and so on. For files with compound structure such as xls, doc, ppt, the source file name cannot be got/set.

Thank you.

The issues you have found earlier (filed as 18778) have been fixed in this update.

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