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Class com.aspose.tasks.private.i.a: Invalid data

We are exporting to .XML project using Aspose.Tasks without problems.
When it comes to importing, when Aspose.Tasks loads the .XML, it crashes.
We attach the XML generated by Aspose.Tasks, but Aspose.Tasks can not load the same.
We need some help.
We tested with the Aspose.Tasks Java releases 17.8, 18.7 and 18.8.1
project (3).zip (30.3 KB)


We tried to load the provided XML file and it is working fine with Aspose.Tasks for Java 18.8.
Please find below the code used to read project data:

Project project = new Project("D:\\" + "project.xml");

System.out.println("Project : " + project.get(Prj.NAME));
System.out.println("Title : " + project.get(Prj.TITLE));