ClassCastException with pdf.kit for java


I am trying to convert a .PDF to a .TIF image. The problem is that when I call PDFConvert.doConvert () I receive a ClassCastException. Am I missing any necessary libraries? I have attached the PDF that I am trying to convert.


Dear jmrothenberg,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

We will test the pdf file and reply you ASAP.


I have fix the ClassCastException bug, but the PdfConverter function is not perfect now, We are try to improve this function. Thank you!


When will that fix be available? And what other known problems are there with the PDFConverter class?


Dear customer,

We have released Aspose.Pdf.Kit 1.4.1 for Java. You can download it here:


I downloaded and tried your latest version, and yet I am able to sucessfully convert a .PDF to a .TIFF. Unfortunately the conver quality is not very good at all. Text and images in the .PDF are not positioned correctly, and the quality of the images is quite poor. Currently your only option is to convert to an 8 bit, 100 dpi image.

Do you plan to enhance this capability to allow user selection of DPI and color depth?