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Classic ASP Application Generates 500 Error ("Overflow")


We’ve recently updated to Aspose.PDF 7.5.0 from 7.2.0 and our application has now started generating ASP500 errors. The error description is "Overflow"

Using Aspose.PDF 7.2.0 we don’t encounter this issue.

Has there been a significant change to how memory/stack is managed in the newer version of Aspose.PDF so it’s now using a lot more than it used to?

The reason for the update is there is a fix in 7.5.0 that resolves an issue in 7.2.0 related to a NULL object reference when adding page numbers.

Our application is running on Windows Server 2003 SP2 (32-bit) and IIS 6.0.



Hi there,

Sorry for the Inconvenience faced. I’m afraid we cannot suggest you anything without looking into your application/code. Could you please provide some sample project here for testing?

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