Classic ASP - Using Recordset


is it possible if one buys Aspose to use it within a classic ASP page?

Additionaly is it possible to just copy a recordset straight into your Excel object, or must one scroll through each row and copy in each element to each cell one by one?


Hi Brian,

Yes. Some users have already used Aspose products in ASP pages.

However, Aspose.Excel is designed as a pure dotnet component and doesn’t support recordset manipulation. You have to scroll through each row and copy elements.


If this was used in a .NET app, how easy would it be to literally copy 10,000 rows of the .NET equivilent of a recordset for display. The basic problem we have is that we have huge quantity of rows of data and need a way to display them in Excel without a page timeout.


If your program is a .NET application, you can use Cells.ImportDataTable method to import data from database.

What’s your page timeout value? Generally 10,000 rows of data can be processed within a few seconds. However, if the time to retrieve data from database is too long and the network is too slow, maybe your page will be timeout.