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Clipboard is not working in firefox

nidhi singhal> I have a problem of Clipboard copy problem in frefox to copy the link of PDF
nidhi singhal> Clipboard is not working in Firefox
nidhi singhal> i have a textbox and in text box value is coming from database
nidhi singhal> then i m using a function CopyToClipboard(){ window.clipboardData.setData(“Text”,document.getElementById(‘rteDetailNews’).innerText); return false; }
nidhi singhal> javascript function to copy from the copy button
nidhi singhal> for copying the link
nidhi singhal> but this button or clipboard is not working in firefox
nidhi singhal> could u plz help me out to solve this

Hello Nidhi,

As far as I remember, you’re trying to use FloatingBox to hold the database contents, but I’m not sure if you’re trying to copy the contents of FloatingBox into ClipBoard or using any other approach. Can you please some more details and also please share the code snippet/project in which you are trying to copy the text, so that we can test the scenario at our end.

We apologize for your inconvenience.


This is that lable on which i am accessing the link from database.
function CopyToClipboard()
return false;
This is javascript i am using to copy the link

This is button for which i am using to copy the link.

Thats the code I am using .

Wating for ur positive reply

This is the code i m using :

and here is a image of my chart in which 1 and 2 are moving a side from the circles in the border of the chart.

If u have any solution of that plz send me


DefaultDataPoint.CustomAttributes.PointMarker = MarkerType.Circle;

s.DefaultDataPoint.CustomAttributes.PointSize = 20;

s.DefaultDataPoint.CustomAttributes.BubbleMinSize = 20;

s.DefaultDataPoint.CustomAttributes.BubbleMaxSize = 20;

s.DefaultDataPoint.Color = ColorTranslator.FromHtml("#ffffff");

s.DefaultDataPoint.BorderWidth = 1;

s.DefaultDataPoint.BorderColor = ColorTranslator.FromHtml("#000000");

s.DefaultDataPoint.IsLabelVisible = true;


As far as I can understand the query does not seem to be related to Aspose.Pdf and more alike it seems to be related to Aspose.Report for .NET. Please correct me so I may forward this query to related forum where and it gets answered by appropriate person.