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Clone the Content between two Bookmarks

Is ist possible to clone all content (whatever it is) that is located between two bookmarks? (Including contained bookmarks itself)?

I want to create content from a document template (.DOT file) in a way like the ASP.NET Repeater works:

My customers should be able to define their own .DOT file and place a section for iterative items (e.g. positions of a quotation) and mark them with begin and end, telling my code to repeat this section for every item.

This implies that I must be able to delete the content between two bookmarks, too.


<…items before…>

<…items inside the block, including bookmarks…>

<…items after…>

Question: Is something like this possible?


Probably I found the answer by myself Smile:

I rather should use the MailMerge feature for such stuff. Right?


Hi Uwe,

Great if you could accommodate MailMerge for your task, but unfortunately it is currently impossible to obtain content located between two bookmarks. This will be possible (and will be easy) in the improved object model we are working on.

Thanks for your reply.

Do you have any timeframe for this new object model?

Sorry, no comments on the timeframe.

I understand, we develop software, too Big Smile