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CloneSlide() and position

I have a problem with CloneSlide
The situation is as follows I create a presentation with a single slide using the default master. This slide just contains the text "Slide compilation"

Afterwards I copy slides from other presentations to this presentation using the code as nelow

Dim soli As New SortedList

NewPptSlide = ppt.GetSlideByPosition(pos)
ppt.CloneSlide(NewPptSlide, CompilationPpt.Slides.Count, CompilationPpt, soli)
This is done a number of times.
But the one original slide of the compilation allways ends up at position number two.
I cant see why this should happen… ?

Could you advise?


Dear Morten,

At first you have only one slide in CompilationPpt.Slides collection so
slide will be inserted to the first position.
Original slide will be moved to the second position in this case.

You are right about that… hmm.
But this behaviour has changed to the current after I downloaded the latest patch.
So I guess that must have been a bug that was solved. :wink:


Dear Morten,

I’m not sure because SlidePosition property was not changed since 1.6.5 hot fix.
I use this property to set new position of cloned slide.