Cloning slides create problem in Mac OS

We are using Aspose.Slides (for .Net) and we facing a problem while viewing the powerpoint slides in Mac OS. The images/charts embedded in the source presentation slides do not appear on the destination presentation slides, while CLONING the slides from one presentation into another presentation. Instead of images/charts, in their place we see a big red “X” appearing while viewed on Powerpoint in Mac OS.

These PowerPoint files work great on PC’s (i.e., when viewed in MS Powerpoint).

We have used the same code snippet from

Is this a known issue in the product? Is there a solution for this issue?

It would be greatful, if you can provide a solution to this problem as soon as possible.


On which OS (Mac or Windows), did you create a destination presentation?

Did you create it on Windows and view them on Mac and they show well on Windows but not on Mac?

Which software do you use on Mac to view presentation? Is it Keynote?

  1. The presentation was created on Windows.

    2. Correct. The presentation displays well in PowerPoint on Windows.

    3. We have tested the presentation in OpenOffice, Keynote, and MS PowerPoint. OpenOffice and Keynote are able to open the presentation without errors, but MS PowerPoint (version X) shows the red X’s.

    Thanks for your assistance.

Dear sonic,

I have requested development team to look into this issue.

Thanks Shakeel.

Do you have any update for this problem?

Yes, they are looking into this issue and have recently downloaded the Mac OS for Intel and Office. I will inform you about any further update by posting here in future.

Have there been any updates for this issue?

Thank you again for your assistance.

We are working on this but unfortunately could find the source of the problem yet.
As soon as the bug will be fixed we will post here in the forum. Sorry for delay.

The problem has been fixed. You can download new Aspose.Slides 2.6.21 here.

Great! We have installed the new version and can confirm it’s working as expected on PowerPoint for Mac.

Thanks again for your attention to this issue.

It looks like this issue has been re-introduced.

With version ppt files open without issues.
Version and files cannot be open in powerpoint on the mac.


Your query has been answered in this thread.