Cloud Font "Avenir Next LT Pro" is not applied to converted PDF (ATLANTA-99)


when converting the attached Word document to PDF, the font “Avenir Next LT Pro” is replaced with “Arial”.

This is the output of the WarningCallback:

Source: Layout (1)
WarningType: FontSubstitution (131072)
Message: Font ‘Avenir Next LT Pro’ has not been found. Using ‘Arial’ font instead. Reason: font info substitution.

So after searching a bit and because of the fact, that this particular font is missing on my development system (C:\Windows\Fonts)- I guess that the “Avenir Next LT Pro” is a cloud font.

When setting the the Word option “Embed fonts in the file” for the Word file inside of the Microsoft Word application, the font is embedded into the PDF file.

I tried to set the Aspose.Words.FontInfos.EmbedTrueTypeFonts to True if it is not but unfortunately this has no effect.

Tested with Aspose.Words 23.02

Can you confirm that? If so- how to make this work? (21.6 KB)


Mark Unfortunately, Aspose.Words does not support cloud fonts, so you should provide the required fonts to Aspose.Words physically. Please see our documentation to learn where Aspose.Words looks for fonts and how to specify fonts location:

Ok. Thank you for clarify!

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