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CMYK ColorSpace very different result with RGB

									Dear Tommy,<br><br>I am sure that you can answer the colour problem straightly.<br><br>What the CMYK values for the "rgb 56 103 170" colour using in aspose?<br><br>We get the values from Photoshop  <Cell BackgroundColor="cmyk 84 61 5 1" > (blue), but this results in VERY different colour (pink) from aspose.<br><br>Regards,<br><br>Mark<br><br>----------- Details for refrence -----------------------<br><br>Another

problem is even more strange and important. I think it could be a
common question from your customers and wish to be answered ASAP.

We are using CMYK colour space instead of RGB. But we find the result very wrong.
Here is the details.

In xml format, it was,

Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

then convert into cmyk checked in Photoshop, as

Resulting in huge different colour, which I checked back in Photoshop again, as
CMYK 33 24 2 1 or RGB 168 179 214

Is it because the system handling CMYK improperly, or some how we have to do page setup specially ti cmyk?

Could you try this data overthere? This problem is even more serious to us this moment. We are using version 2.9.

Thank you very much,


Hi Tommy,

I have solved the problem: aspose and photoshop are both right with the values. photoshop gives the cmyk in %, so times by 255, the colour will be very close.

I satisfy the result and thanks again.