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Code128 questions

I’m evaluating your product Aspose.Barcode (C#, 20.7) for its usability in our next project.
There are several questions I have now, hope you can answer them.

  1. I tried to encode “RR12121212FI” barcode as Code128 and then read it. It’s been read in Code128DataPortions as : CodeB : “RR1”, CodeC : “2121212”, CodeB : “CH”.
    Apparently, it did the Code-thing automatically. Is it possible to specify the Code-sectioning manually when using the BarCodeGenerator class (or something else), like, inserting the CodeA, CodeB, CodeC symbols? So, for example, to make it producing a barcode like CodeB : “RR”, CodeC : “12121212”, CodeB : “CH” .

  2. Is it possible to encode characters with diacritics (from the extended ASCII set) in a barcode (say, Code128)? I mean, specifically those chars: ““ÅÄÖåäö””. It should be possible using the FNC4, symbol. I just have not found a way to do it.

  3. Does the Aspose.BarCode use font rasterization? Meaning it should not use fonts when visualizing barcodes, i.e., requiring the fonts to be installed on the machine doing the visualizing. Or - what happens if the font specified in the BarCodeGenerator is not found on the machine? Hope I made myself clear, since the issue is new to me, and I don’t understand it 100%.

Thank you for your query. We are discussing your requirements here and will share our feedback soon.

  1. We encode Code128 by the specification and this specification requires special compaction algorithm.

As example, if you use CodeB : “RR”, CodeC : “12121212”, CodeB : “CH” , you steel need to encode “1” after RR. And CodeC can encode only double digits. So you have to use CodeA or CodeB to encode single “1”. And this makes message more long. In this way I don’t see why you need to manually set encoding mode.

  1. Currently we cannot encode Extended ASCII codeset with FNC4 character. It is our issue, I found it before and created tasks to fix this issue (add ability to encode full ASCII codeset with FNC4). I will setup question on the meeting to increase priority of solving this problem.

  2. No we use system Fonts and System.Drawing for this. On Java version we also use Java font rendering functions. However you can change drawing font to installed on your system.

Thank you, now I understand the issues better. :slight_smile:

We will implement extended ASCII support in Code128 with FNC4 in 20.8 or 20.9 releases.