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Code39Standard Width

How can I control the width of the code for Code39Standard? It is coming out as twice the size of the space available on the label. I am trying to use the control to replace font-based symbology in existing reports, and I can't make this particular barcode have a small enough width to fit. The image is bigger than the container in SSRS and just gets clipped off in the report since the code is wider than the containing control I created.

Look at the attached image. The text should be centered under the code, but most of the right side of the code is clipped. How can I adjust it so this won't happen?

Hi Dave,

Please adjust the xDimension property of BarCodeBuilder according to your needs. Please refer to http://www.aspose.com/documentation/visual-components/aspose.barcode-for-.net-and-java/manage-xdimension-and-ydimension.html for details.

The default is 0.6. You can try and set it to 0.1 or any other value and check if it is good for your label.

You need to add following line in the Report Properties --> Code tab.

objBarcode.xDimension = 0.1

Is custom code the only way to adjust this? It seems my settings in the Visual Studio GUI for the control already reflect this, but the barcode is still way too large. I attached my settings for the screenshot in my previous post.

Sorry, there is no need of adding custom code, if you have set the property in the control properties pane.

Please try to reduce the value of "WideNarrowRatio" property and let me know if it reduces the size according to your needs.

Please try the latest version of Aspose.BarCode. It will generate smaller bars.

When I reduce the WideNarrowRatio property below 1.5 all the bars become the same width (see attached). I'll give the beta dll a try.

The latest release fixed this issue.