Column Autofit width & Row Autofit Height is nto working Properly


I am using Aspose.cells to create the excel reports, while using the methods of Columns.autofit width & Row Atuofit Heights. It is not giving accurate column width & row hight. The width & height are slightly bigger than the excel autofit width & height.

Could you please look into this?



Hi Sanjeev,

Well, the Auto-Fit Row(s) / Column(s) feature is not very precise. So, it might possible that the auto- fit row height will be slightly greater than the row height generated by MS Excel. Similarly the auto-fit column width might be slightly extended. There are certain users who demand the auto-fit rows height and auto-fit columns width should be a bit greater than what MS Excel sets, so we have to manage the feature accordingly. Anyways we might further look into it for your need.

Thank you.