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Column Span not working when converting to Pdf via intermediary xml


We’re having an issue with cells in a table not spanning correctly across column when using Aspose.Words Please look at the attached documents. The ‘good’ documents were created using Aspose.Word, which was the last version we released our product with, and the ‘bad’ documents were created with Aspose.Word

We are not using the Direct to Pdf method, and cannot convert to using
it, because it does not support Asian fonts fully, so we have to use
the intermediary Pdf xml conversion method. We are using a hotfix
variant of the version of the Aspose.Pdf dll that we received
from your team in another post. However, we have narrowed the issue
down to the Words dll.

I can tell from the xml that the docs that work are using the ColumnsSpan attribute and the ones that don’t aren’t using that attribute. This issue is rather critical for us as many of our clients are spanning cells across multiple columns, so your prompt support is greatly appreciated!



<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Thanks for your request. I cannot reproduce the problem on my side. I tried using both direct and legacy methods of PDF conversion. Here is code I used for testing of legacy method:

Document doc = new Document(@"Test001\bad.doc");

doc.Save(@"Test001\out.xml", SaveFormat.AsposePdf);

Aspose.Pdf.Pdf pdf = new Aspose.Pdf.Pdf();

pdf.BindXML(@"Test001\out.xml", null);


I use the latest versions of Aspose.Words (8.0.0) and Aspose.Pdf (4.1.0).

Could you please also describe your problem with Asian fonts and direct method of PDF conversion more specifically? Please attach sample documents and fonts here, if it is necessary. I will check the issue and provide you more information.

You should also note that the legacy method of PDF conversion will be excluded in one of future versions of Aspose.Words.

Best regards,

The issue is with the UpdateTableLayout function. We are making that call configurable in that code, we had originally put it in there to fix some layout issues with tables when converting to Pdf. But in initial testing it seems that those issues have been resolved in the releases since we added that call.

As for the DirectToPdf method please reference this post: Japanese Characters missing from PDF. The workaround suggested for installing any and all true type fonts to the users machine, and removing their TTC counterparts, is unacceptable at this time. Clients purchasing an enterprise product should expect things to work out of the box and not have to add/remove fonts, especially ones that exist by default on their machines. Due to licensing restrictions on Fonts we are unable to provide these fonts as part of our install. So, until TTC fonts are supported by the DirectToPdf method we will be unable to use it.

We’ll take care of this issue on our end. Thanks for your time!

Hi<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Thanks for your request. True Type Collection fonts will be supported at the beginning of the next year. I linked your request to the appropriate issue. You will be notified as soon as this feature is supported.

Best regards,

The issues you have found earlier (filed as 9619) have been fixed in this update.

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