Combining Workbooks (English and German) causes an issue in .NET

Hello Team,
I have one cover page which is in English language and i have one excel file, content of this file is in German language.
I want to combine both excel files and wants to set cover page as a first page in the german language file.
It will not combine English cover page in start of German workbook and Worksheet 1 of excel will get corrupted.
I have licensed version of Aspose Total. Please advise.

Thank you


Did you try using Workbook.Combine() method to combine both Workbooks? See the document with example code on combining multiple workbooks for your reference:

In case, you find any issue, kindly do provide your source Excel files, sample code (runnable) and output file by Aspose.Cells APIs, we will check it soon.

PS. please zip the files prior attaching here.