Comment author & date not being preserved


I have a document (created in Word 2007 but saved to .doc format in backwards-compatibility mode) which contains a comment. The comment in Word shows the author initials and the date/time created. When I convert this to HTML using Aspose.Words, the comment loses the author & date info, i.e. it becomes:

This is the sentence I’ve added a comment to.

Hello I am a comment

Would it be possible for the author/date to be preserved?

Laura (on behalf of CRM).

Thank you for your inquiry.
Export to HTML is restricted by design to features supported by HTML standard. We make some exceptions to this rule but usually they are non-default options. Most of people would like to have standard HTML without any Microsoft “magic” in output. MS Word exports comment or revision authors using attributes specific to MS Office as follows:
This information is not seen in any browser and can be used only by applications aware of this style attribute. For instance in a doc->html->doc roundtrip. We don’t suggest this is important enough to be exported to HTML. Please let us know more on how you plan to use this information. Currently you can use hidden text or hidden fields to retain author information.

Ah, of course - that makes sense re: the standard.

I need the fields as I’m using XSLT to transform your HTML output to our own XML markup, which is similar to XHTML but with a few added extras. We mark comments up like so:

This is the sentence I’ve added a comment to.

- which obviously isn’t valid XHTML.

I will investigate whether we can use hidden fields.

Many thanks,