Compact Framework


Dear sirs,

I'm from Multidoc (reseller). A customer wants to know if the Aspose products work with Compact Framework. Because the customer develop applications for Windows CE and for Pocket PC. For the customer use the Aspose components, they need be compatible with Compact Framework.

Many thanks,

Silvia - Multidoc


Dear Silvia,

As far as I know Aspose.iCalendar is compatible with Compact Framework. Which products are your customer interested in?


Good morning Ben Li,

My customer develop many applications, therefore they asked all the products.

I will ask for they test the Aspose products as per their needs.

Many thanks for your help.



Dear Silvia,

That't a good idea. Then if a product is not compatible with Compact Framework, just ask the customer to post in the forum of that product to request CF support. I believe the product teams will be keen to help him.