Compatibility of Aspose version 1.1 with windows 2012


Hi Team,
Could you please let me know if Aspose license version 1.1 will be compatible with windows 2012 server in virtual environment.If not could you please let us know which version is.



The latest version of Aspose.Words for .NET i.e. 18.1 is compatible with Windows Server 2012. It will also work if you installed Windows Server 2012 on a virtual machine.

Edit: All Aspose.Total APIs and Aspose licenses are also compatible with Windows Server 2012.


Hi, thanks for reply.
Currently our application is working with Aspose license version 1.1 and we are moving it to cloud . Will it work or do we need to upgrade it version 18.1 .



If you are talking about the version of the license file (.lic file), then there is no issue - you can use it with any operating system. If you are talking about the product or DLL versions (e.g. Aspose.Words, Aspose.Cells, Aspose.PDF etc.), then it is recommended to use the latest versions (which are released within last one year) with Windows Server 2012.


Thanks for reply.
Will the Aspose DLL version 1.1 will work with .Net version 3.5 on windows 2012.



It looks like you are talking about version 1.1 of Aspose for Cloud APIs/SDKs. If so is the case, then yes, it will work with any environment including your mentioned server. Can you please share the URL or screenshot from where you downloaded version 1.1? This will help us confirm we are on the same.


Hi Thanks for the reply .
We are using the Aspose. Total license version 2.1 edition type : Enterprise with .net framework 3.5 with an application on windows server 2003 and now we are planning to migrate the application to windows server 2012 with the same framework . Hence I wanted to know whether the Aspose will work or not on the windows server 2012 .



Thanks for further clarification. The version of Aspose.Total license is very old, however, we have used those old APIs with Windows Server 2012 and .NET 3.5 and did not see any issue. Based on the past experience, we can say it is supported, however, we will suggest upgrading your license to latest one because latest versions of the APIs include a lot more new features and fixes.


Thanks a lot for the clarification.