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Compatibility question

I'm not familiar with the binary compatibility or lack thereof in the various versions of Word. I'd like to ascertain the extent of compatibility issues that would be imposed on our customers (and CSRs) if we used this product for word doc generation. Would someone comment on the compatibility of the word documents generated by this product? What file format is generated by aspose.word? Is it a true word document or one of these xml variants? Is the generated document readable by OOTB M$ word installations (97, 2000, 2003, XP) or would special converters, service packs, etc. be required?

What plans are there for supporting the office 2007 suite?



Binary formats of Word 97 through Word 2007 are compatible forwards and backwards. Every new version of Word adds more features, for example nested tables or 32bit colors were not available in Word 97, but appeared later. Word 2007 added quite a few things like themes etc.

Technically speaking, Aspose.Words is oriented towards Microsoft Word 2003 format.

This means Aspose.Words can open files created by Word 97 through Word 2007 versions. Some information such as digital signatures, themes, XML islands, Aspose.Words will not understand and skip.

DOC files created by Aspose.Words most closely correspond to Microsoft Word 2003 format and can be opened in any version of Microsoft Word.