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Compress JP2 Images with High output Quality OnLine


I’m wondering why the code behind the demo of compressing jp2-files isn’t in the demo in Github.

Currently I’m searching for the usage of CompressionRatios for Jpeg2000Options.


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Currently I’m using Aspose Inaging .NET API and are having some challenges with splitting a multipage TIF to single compressed jp2 files. Well aware of that there will be one JP2-file per page from the multipage, which is fine.

In order to compress a JP2-file as much as possible, but being readable, I stumbled over this demo: where the jp2 file became smaller. I know that it’s the cloud version of compressing/converting, but shouldn’t it be a part of the demo code?

I have downloaded the code from
And there I’m missing the examples for converting to JP2 files. I really had hoped there were a sample included for that.


I have created a ticket with ID IMAGINGAPP-168 in our issue tracking system to consider improving the documentation examples and covering the requirements shared by you. We request for your patience and will update the documentation as soon as possible and notify you too.


By using Aspose.Imaging Compress App, one can export to JP2 format with compression. I suggest you to please try using following sample code.

using Aspose.Imaging;
using Aspose.Imaging.ImageOptions;
using Aspose.Imaging.FileFormats.Jpeg2000;
using (var image = Image.Load("path_to_your_image_file"))
    image.Save("compressed.jp2", new Jpeg2000Options() { 
        Codec = Jpeg2000Codec.Jp2,
        Irreversible = false,
        CompressionRatios = new int[] { 100 }