Concerns regarding formatting

I have two problems:

  1. Text that is all caps on the original document does not show up in caps on the pdf output.
  2. currency values render with 4 decimal places in the pdf version (after merge)

Further, we have had two 30 day trial licenses, both of which have expired. I can not even test further with the trial version. At this point I can not justify buying the product; simply because I don’t know if it’ll actually work.

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Thanks for your request. Could you please attach your documents here for testing? I will check the issues and provide you more information.
Also, which version of Aspose.Words do you use for testing? To check version of the library, right click on the dll, select Properties from the context menu, then select Version tab. You will see File version.
If your temporary license has been expired, I think you can request another one if you need more time for testing.
Best regards.