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Conditional Blocks in Aspose Words


I have been evaluating Aspose Words and it looks very suitable for our project, except… we need to have support for conditional blocks.

I noticed this thread one the forum:
Conditional Statements in Mail Merge

Can you be more specific about when you are going to release this functionality in 2007? To be honest I need it asap, but it is there in say Jan 2007 we could just manage it.

Is there an alternative how we could implement this functionality our selves?

Can you please send your response to my e-mail address:


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A developer will answer you shortly. Thank you for being patient since I have moved your post to this section. Have a good day.

Thanks for drawing our attention to this issue. Actually there is lot of users asking for that and this task stands high in our priority list. The implementation is currently it is planned for the beginning of the next year. But the exact timeline for this feature is not set yet. We will inform you immediately after the exact release date for this feature will be set.

Best regards,

Hi Miklovan,

Can you please be a bit more specific about what you mean by “beginning of next year”. Does that mean Q1?

Do you have a suggestion for an alternative approach that we could take ourselves to implement this. Do you think it would be possible using Aspose Words to parse a word document and do the logical condiation ourself?



Sorry, I cannot provide the exact timeline yet. We expect to do it in Q1 but it is not a firm date.

Parsing conditional fields using Aspose.Words public API is technically possible but can require a rather complex coding. Basically, you can see all document content, including field codes and values in the document node tree. Please run our DocumentExplorer source code demo with one of your documents. There you will see the whole node structure in a nice visualised way and it can help you to decide whether it is feasible to try and implement it on your own.

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