Conditional fields evolution



I was wondering wich progress you guys made for interpreting mailmerge IF conditional fields. I can only support microsoft word as output type in my projects because the conditional fields need to be evaluated and executed through msword. I would like to have the conditions working in HTML.
This problem is mentioned several times (posts on this issue in may 2003) and it would be really - really - really great if this option would work in the feature.

Putting all the logic in code is not an option ! I have no idea what users want to do with my fields.




Hi Krijn,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

We are very sorry, but we had to work on a number of other important features and we have to shift priorities from time to time.

You may be sure that we will certainly implement this in the future.



I’m already working with aspose !

Aspose.Mailmerge executes the standard merge. Then I save the document to a word file and open it with ms word. Word will then execute a macro wich translates the conditions into a plain document.
Problems with this approach :
- only works when using ms word
- conditions need to be between brackets :
IF “” = “” “empty” “not empty”

gets merged by aspose. The resulting IF condition by ms word.