Conditional Formatting in aspose word

i got a word document which has to be merged on the basis of grade/designation of an employee. there are grades like m1,m2,m3 and so on. Documents should be merged on the following conditions.
a) if grade is above m1 and below m3 then a section of the doc should be displayed and rest of them should be hidden.Also grade of an applicant would be decided dynamically from the database.
So it is possible to show/hide part of document on multiple conditions.If so kindly send me the code in vb and not in c#.
Also sending you the sample document with the conditions highlighted in grey and fields to be merged in yellow colors.
Kindly send me the reply as soon as possible.

Thanks for your request. I already sent you code in VB in the following thread.
I also think that you can try using bookmarks in your template and if it is needed then remove bookmarks content.

doc.Range.Bookmarks("myBookmark").Text = String.Empty

Hope this helps.
Best regards.