Configuration Error: Access is denied: 'Aspose.Excel'


I started receiving this error yesterday. Though it was fine this morning I started receiving it again. I'm not sure why though.

Configuration Error

Description: An error occurred during the processing of a configuration file required to service this request. Please review the specific error details below and modify your configuration file appropriately.

Parser Error Message: Access is denied: 'Aspose.Excel'.

Source Error:

Line 256:                
Line 257:                
Line 258:                
Line 259:            
Line 260:

Source File: c:\windows\\framework\v1.1.4322\Config\machine.config Line: 258

Assembly Load Trace: The following information can be helpful to determine why the assembly 'Aspose.Excel' could not be loaded.

=== Pre-bind state information ===
LOG: DisplayName = Aspose.Excel
LOG: Appbase = file:///C:/app-development/WebMIS
LOG: Initial PrivatePath = bin
Calling assembly : (Unknown).

LOG: Policy not being applied to reference at this time (private, custom, partial, or location-based assembly bind).
LOG: Post-policy reference: Aspose.Excel
LOG: Attempting download of new URL file:///C:/WINDOWS/Microsoft.NET/Framework/v1.1.4322/Temporary ASP.NET Files/webmis/8cb9a707/ebfe3324/Aspose.Excel.DLL.
LOG: Attempting download of new URL file:///C:/WINDOWS/Microsoft.NET/Framework/v1.1.4322/Temporary ASP.NET Files/webmis/8cb9a707/ebfe3324/Aspose.Excel/Aspose.Excel.DLL.
LOG: Attempting download of new URL file:///C:/app-development/WebMIS/bin/Aspose.Excel.DLL.
LOG: Publisher policy file is not found.
LOG: No redirect found in host configuration file (C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.1.4322\aspnet.config).
LOG: Using machine configuration file from C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.1.4322\config\machine.config.
LOG: Post-policy reference: Aspose.Excel, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=716fcc553a201e56


Did you apply a new version of Aspose.Excel in your machine? Or did you change the security settings?

If first, please re-build your program with the new dll.

If second, please try to deploy Aspose.Excel.dll in your GAC.


The first solution worked. Thanks.Smile [:)]