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Configure Aspose Total to save file in AWS S3

In my application, the source and destination file location is in AWS S3. How can I pass an S3 object to covert to PDF?



Please check how to configure third party storages to configure Aspose for Cloud with Amazon S3 storage. Once storage is configured, you can use storage and folder parameters to pass name of the S3 storage and location of the file to convert. Please check this example to convert files to PDF from S3 storage.

You can also pass outPath parameter in the URI if you wan to save a copy of output PDF on S3 storage.

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My question is for Aspose Total for Java and not for Aspose Cloud API.



You cannot directly pass S3 objects to Aspose APIs however you can load S3 objects into a byte array and then pass to Aspose APIs for PDF conversion. Once the conversion is done, you can upload the converted stream back to S3.

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