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Connecting to POP without a password?

Hi - sorry for the n00b question, but I didn’t quite see the answer I was looking for.

Is it necessary to supply a password to connect to Exchange via POP? The scenario I have is a windows service running under a domain (Active Directory) account that has a mailbox on Exchange. I’d like to have that windows service connect to Exchange to pull down email without having to supply a password in a config file. This is how it works from IIS->SQL using NTLM, the worker process simply connects and I don’t have to store a password anywhere.

This way if I ever change the service accounts password, I simply reset it in AD and am done, rather than having to remember to store an encrypted version of it in the app.config for Aspose to use.

The code samples I saw using NTLM always seemed to require a username/password to be set, which is why I ask.

Hi Paul,

Thanks for writing to Aspose.Email support team.

We are analyzing the query and request you to please spare us some time to investigate it thoroughly. We will share our findings with you as soon as possible.

Your patience and understanding will be highly appreciated.

Hi Paul,

I have investigated this issue and discussed this with our development team as well. It seems there is no way to avoid entering password if the mail account has a password set on the account. You may avoid this using ASP.NET impersonation, but it has its own restrictions. You can find more information about this by visiting these links:
- LINK 1
- LINK 2

Please let us know if you require further information in this regard. We will look into it and provide further assistance.