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ContentTypeProperties access


We store our Excel-documents in SharePoint (WSS 3.0). One of the most important features for us is to use the so called content type properties, which are kept in sync between SharePoint and Excel.

Currently, we are using VBA-code like this in our Excel-documents:

For Each Prop In ThisWorkbook.ContentTypeProperties

If Prop.Name =
“xxx” Then

Prop.Value =

End If


Next Prop<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office” /><o:p></o:p>

Now, we would like to do this using Aspose.Cells instead. Is there a way to do this?




Thanks for your question and interest in Aspose.

I think, you are looking to manage document properties using Aspose.Cells for .NET.

Please refer to the following document: Managing Document Properties

Neither BuiltInDocumentProperties or CustomDocumentProperties gives access to the ContentTypeProperties.

Given that many use Office in conjunction with SharePoint, I am surprised to see the lack of support for this in Aspose.Cells (or Aspose.Word, etc).

To see what I mean, do the following:

1. In WSS 3.0, create a document library.
2. In the document library, create a new column, call it "CustomCol1"). Use "Single line of text" as the type for the column.
3. Upload an Excel 2007 or Excel 2010 document into the document library.
4. Close the document, and open the document again, from the document library.
5. Click the round "Windows button", and select Prepare->Properties.
6. The so called "Document Information Panel" (DIP) appears. Make sure "Document properties - Server" is selected in the drop-down above the DIP.
7. Note that the "Custom Col1" is shown. Add a value for "Custom Col1" and save the document.
8. Go back to the document library, and note that the value you entered is shown in the document library's "Custom Col1" column.

So, in short, I want to do this but in an automated way. I can do it using VBA code (using the ThisWorkbook.ContentTypeProperties collection). However, I don't want to use VBA, I want to use Aspose.Cells (which I am using for lots of other things already). The problem is that the ContentTypeProperties collection is not exposed in Aspose.Cells...

Any ideas? This is a really important issue for us - Aspose has been working great for us, but without support for this we would have to consider using some other technology to generate our Excel documents.




Thanks for your further input.

After reading your posts, I guess you are looking for: Aspose.Cells for SharePoint (Latest Version)

Can you please provide me some screenshots elaborating your steps in SharePoint? I will forward your request to Aspose.Cells for SharePoint development team.

It's interesting to see the Aspose SharePoint add-on, and we might use it in the future

For this particular case, it is not relevant, however. What we are looking for is a way to programmatically set the ContentTypeProperties using Aspose.

I am attaching some screenshots.




Can you please confirm? Are you looking for this? Below is MSDN link.

Is there any GUI in MS-Excel to change ContentTypeProperties manually? Please share screenshots.

Yes, those are the properties. They are accessible from either VBA (e.g. ThisWorkbook.ContentTypeProperties) or from Microsoft.Office.Tools-framework (like in the URL you included).

And yes, there is a GUI in Excel, it is slide 5 in the PPT included in my previous post.



Thanks for your elaboration. I have logged it as a New Feature Request in our database. We will investigate and implement it asap and let you know.

This issue has been logged as SHAREPOINT-40005.


Three questions:

1. Have you had time to investigate this, and do you have an expected release date?

2. Can I use the issue number to view the progress of it?

3. We need to renew our license My colleague, Mikael Höggren with login mikaelh, has made the previous purchase, but it is me who works with the development. Can I renew the license from my account (and thus get the renewal discount)? If not, and Mikael will make the purchase, will my questions be treated with less priority? (I thought I read somewhere that with a live license, the level of support will be higher, but I can't find that statement on your website)



1- I guess, this is a difficult feature and will take much more time or it could be discarded too. I have logged your comment now. I hope to get some update on it. I will let you know.

2- You can view the progress from the top left corner of this thread. There you will see something 1234(Unresolved) or 1234(resolved) etc which tells the status. Also, when the issue is fixed, we notify and also there is an automatic notifier program that notifies the customer. However, you cannot view all the internal progress relating to this issue because you do not have access to it. Only we can access it and log your comments and request for a feedback.

3- For this question, you should post on Aspose.Purchase forum.


Please provide the excel file which has “Custom Col1” content type properties at share point. We will check it.

Here it is.

To view the property in the Excel UI:

Open the document in Excel 2007 or 2010.
Click the round Office button in the top-left corner
Click Prepare->Properties
The Document Information Panel should appear, with the CustomCol1 field/contentTypeProperty.


We have checked your issues and evaluated work for the issues and current work plan. We will finish the issues by the end of Oct.