Control Toolbox


I am able to generate Aspose.Word documents based on the templates. I am using the TableStart and TableEnd tags (inside the ‘details’ row of a table) to populate rows of data into the table. I also have form fields embedded in the ‘footer’ row that calculate totals at the bottom of these tables.

Only problem is when the page is rendered by the user, the Control Toolbox is displayed along with the document and the user has to click it off. The report works fine but this extra step is annoying and unprofessional. What can I do to suppress this toolbox from being displayed? Thanks in advance for your attention to this matter.



Thank you for considering Aspose.

Popping up of the Control Toolbax is a well-known problem but it is not related to Aspose.Word. Please search the Microsoft Knowledge Base or Internet to obtain the solution. For example, see here:


Your tip worked. The annoying control window has been vanquished. Thanks for your help.