Conversion from 14.1 to 17.4 - any issues?

We currently are on version 14.1 of aspose Words for .net. We are looking into getting latest version (17.4 ?). I have been asked to come up with estimates on converting to new version for dev and QA. Out usage is pretty conventional, C# to generate a word doc with formatted text and a number of tables, TOC, some images. I don’t think we get into any exotic API areas.

I have skimmed:
Aspose.Words for .NET|Documentation


  1. Are there any known broken/deprecated APIs between the two versions mentioned ?
  2. Should this just be a drop-in dll replacement ?
  3. Any guidance docs available ?

Sean G.

Hi Sean,

Thanks for your inquiry. While migrating from 14.1 to 17.4, you need to take account following API changes section from your release version to 17.4. Although there are not major changes. however if you face any issue then please feel free to ask for assistance.

Best Regards,