Conversion of Excel files to PDF


I wanted to convert multi-sheet Excel files to PDF single file using Aspose libraries in Java. I saw some sample code where the libraries used were from Cells and PDF.

import com.aspose.cells.Workbook;
import com.aspose.pdf.Document;
import com.aspose.pdf.HorizontalAlignment;
import com.aspose.pdf.SaveFormat;

My question is: For my specific requirement of conversion of Excel files to PDF, would Aspose.Cells license suffice or need Aspose.PDF too? Also, can Aspose.Cells support watermarking in PDF after conversion?


Yes, only Aspose.Cells for Java is sufficient to convert Excel file to PDF file format. See the document on how to convert Excel files to PDF via Aspose.Cells for Java API.

It is supported, you may add and set Watermark (settings) while rendering to PDF.