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Conversion of Word styles to PDF bookmarks

We are currently evaluating Aspose.Word and Aspose.Pdf for use in an application with the following requirements:

  • Insert variable text and a histogram chart into a Word document
  • Concatenate with three other Word documents to generate a resulting document of approx 40 pages.
  • Export the resulting Word document to PDF
  • Important: the output PDF document must contain bookmarks which correspond to section headings in the input Word documents.

Currently we achieve this using Word to PDF conversion tools which automatically convert Work Heading styles to PDF bookmarks.

Aspose is a very attractive solution because it eliminates the need for Microsoft Word, and in particular the issues with server-side automation of Microsoft Word.

However I haven't yet found any way using Aspose to convert Word styles to PDF bookmarks. Is there any way to achieve this?

Thanks in advance,

Jon Davies

We will add this feature in the next few days. Thanks for the suggestion.

I see this feature didn't make it into today's 3.3.5 release.

Are you still considering this and do you have an estimate of when this might be available? This is a key feature for our target application and we will be able to start a project when it becomes available.

We do plan to release this soon. Waiting for the Aspose.Pdf team to make some changes.

From the description of version 3.5 it seems this feature isn't included.

Can you provide any more info about when/if this is likely to be available?

It would be nice to see more detailed roadmaps for the next one or two versions: for example I have been aware for a while that 3.5 would be released end Jan, but had no idea whether or not this feature would be included.

We are waiting for the Aspose.Pdf team to make modifications to Aspose.Pdf.

Well, yes, I already understood from your previous response that you were waiting for an Aspose.Pdf feature.

I was hoping that between you and the PDF team you might be able to come up with some info on the expected timescales.

This is fully supported in Aspose.Word 3.5.1 that we will release sometime next week. Some work is required from the Aspose.Pdf team because the headings gets a little bit of the left indent. See the attached sample.

The heading level up two which the bookmarks are created is configurable using Document.SaveOptions in Aspose.Word.