Convert Aspose.Cells grid to Aspose.Words table


Description : I have an Aspose.Cells grid that displays fine in Excel, I however sometimes need this grid to diplay in MSWord(as an MSWord table basically) instead.

Short version : I need to convert a Aspose.Cells table to an Aspose.Words table.

Longer version: We use a grid type C# object (consists of rows, cells, formatting options etc) which we needed to ultimately have some or other render display. I have written a render for Excel by using an adapter class that reads the grids properties and using Aspose.Cells display it.

However we noe also need a renderer object for MSWord tables basedon this original grid object. The easiest way to do this I would guess is to allow for the Aspose.Cells rendere to do its thing (in RAM) and then once its readh to write it to the an actual Excel worksheet to rather ‘cast’ or convert it to a Aspose.Words table and then continue and add it to an MSWord doc.
Currently I managed this by saving the Excel grid as an image (via Aspose) and then placing this image in the MsWord document… this is far from satisfactory though.

I would have thought there would surely be a method in the Aspose API to do just this… but I cant find it? Is it there? What are my options?



Thanks for your inquiry. I think Excel2Word demo created using Aspose.Cells and Aspose.Words does exactly what you need. You can download this demo from here:
Hope this helps.
Best regards.