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Convert Aspose.Excel to Aspose.Cells


I wonder if there's a tool to automate the conversion process from Aspose.Excel to Aspose.Cells. Thanks.

No such a tool.

But I think it's easy to port your code from Aspose.Excel to Aspose.Cells:

1. Remove the reference to Aspose.Excel.dll and re-add the reference to Aspose.Cells.dll.

2. Find all "Aspose.Excel" namespace in your code and replace it with "Aspose.Cells".

3. Change the following class name:

Excel -> Workbook

ExcelDesigner -> WorkbookDesigner

ExcelHelper -> CellsHelper.

In addendum to the above, Aspose.Cells has introduced License object to setLicense to use the product, as against the earlier Excel.setLicense("..") in Aspose.Excel.

Could you please confirm any other caveats while upgrading from Aspose.Excel to Aspose.Cells?

There are a few other named changes for method or property. When we change a method or property, we will annouce to obsolete it in API reference and keep old one for one year. Generally we will provide an alternative for old API. After one year, we will remove the old one.

If you find any method or property doesn't work any more, please post it here. I will provide the alternatives.


Thanks for a prompt reply.

I am upgrading from Aspose.Excel v to Aspose.Cells v

I would like to request a comprehensive documentation on the changed/deprecated Methods/Properties to help simplify the upgradation process.

for eg. 1) ExcelDesigner.Excel is now WorkbookDesigner.Workbook
2) Excel.SaveToStream is deprecated and instead Workbook.Save(Stream,FileFormatType) can be used??? etc.

Thanks in advance.

Sorry, we don't have such a document. We will record changes in the future version.

Now you can build your application with Aspose.Cells and list unsupported methods and properties here. I will provide a conversion list based on your list.